Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's been quite some time......

It's been quite some time since I last wrote.  It has been a very crazy year with homeschooling, home projects, ministries, running races, and health issues.  Add to all those things learning how to deal with growing children and that has been my life in a nutshell!  My dear husband has been such a blessing by keeping date night commitments and helping where he is able.  To be completely honest there are many times I have felt myself become overwhelmed and then I remember this blog and the title "Everything in His Time!" 

I have always been the type of person to go after what I want.  I would never let anything or anyone stop me (besides God of course).  I was raised to work hard and accomplish any task set before me.  That is where my overwhelmed feeling has come from.  I have been wanting to accomplish too much at one time. From home projects to life dreams of helping others.

Today hubby said, "Start with God."  I did, I mean I start every day with prayer and reading, my time with God but for some reason it wasn't working.  Why?  I wonder if maybe the things Im wanting to accomplish are not His will for my life but then again He is providing.  I wonder if I should be doing something else, yet He is leading and not closing the doors.  Then I am reminded, "In His Time." 

Well, this afternoon I decided just to stop it all.  To stop "thinking" of the next home project that I want to do, stop searching for the next ministry to fulfill, and just be.  Just be the mom who tells her kids, "lets go!" and heads out on a bike ride and enjoys the wonderful breeze.  The mom who when they get home says, "jump in the pool!"  I was wondering where that mom had been.  She hasn't been around much lately. 

As my children get older and life changes so does everything else.  I am learning that I don't always have to be in control of the changes or even have a part in controlling them.  My job is to simply roll with the changes, make the best of them, and enjoy where they are taking me and my family.  My life is wonderful, perfect, no, but wonderful! I am blessed with a loving husband, 5 beautiful children, and the ability to spend my life caring for them and others.  I have more than I could ever have dreamed of.  I have God to thank for it all.  He is in control and He is always perfect, In His Time!

Moms, this week lets just "enjoy" where we are and what we are doing.  It might not be easy, life might be hard for you but find something that you can enjoy.  Make sure you stop and as I have heard and do "take pictures with your eyes." Everything will be perfect In His Time!

Friday, May 16, 2014

C is for Chocolate!

  is for chocolate!!                                        
                                             Who here likes chocolate?  I sure do!!  I like milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate but that's pretty much it.  I tried dark chocolate because people say its healthier for you but nope, I didn't like it.  I really don't care for white chocolate either.
                                              Have you ever received a box of chocolates as a gift or bought them for yourself?  I remember being young and my mom loved Sees Candy.  She would bring home a box and I would find my favorite and eat them before anyone else.  I only really cared for two of them.  The rest I would leave for the rest of the family.  I remember taking bites and then running to the trash to get rid of it because it wasn't what I liked or wanted. Sometimes though I would finish eating what I bit just so I wouldn't be wasteful or seem ungrateful.
                                                Well, today I picked C for chocolate because as I am sure you have heard the saying, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get!"  I have never seen the movie that quote is from but I've heard that quote many times.  I'm really not even sure how it is referenced in the movie but I will share with you what I take from it!
                                           You've just been given a beautifully wrapped box of chocolates.  Think of opening that box of chocolates and searching through for just the right one you are craving.  Some boxes have a picture to give you an idea of what is where and some don't.  Imagine this box not having one.  So you go through that box bite after bite. The first bite is not what you were expecting at all so you spit it out right away simply out of being surprised at what it is.  Next you bite into something you really dislike so you spit that one out.  You take another bite and you could take it or leave it but not your favorite.  Finally, you take a bite and its exactly what you were looking for!!  You eat it quickly and search for another.  Maybe you find another, maybe you don't, and maybe someone else came along and took it before you got to it!
                                                 Well, our life is definitely like a box of chocolates!  Only God knows what were going to get.  It's up to us how we react to it!  Do we take time to savor the taste?  Do we enjoy the search for that perfect one?  Do we patiently keep trying?  Are we quick to "spit out" what we don't like? Do we look at our situations in life as unwanted or unneeded?  Do we accept the gift of the "box" of life and all that comes with it?  Are we willing to "chew and swallow" all that comes with life today?

                                                   Life sure isn't easy and for some it may seem unbearable but no matter what, it is a gift!  You don't know what will happen tomorrow or the next but I promise you God does and in Romans 8:28 He says, "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."  He will take all those yucky pieces of chocolate, the ones you'd rather spit out and never taste again and work them all together with the good ones and give you the most amazing life ever!  Sometimes it takes you to bite your way through the entire box just to get to the best one.  Don't give up! Keep trying! Keep going! You may just end up having the sweetest chocolate yet!

Enjoy your box!


Ben and Me

Thursday, May 15, 2014

 is for Blessings

You are surrounded by them.  They are unending.  They can overwhelm you.  They are tailor made just for you! 

When you wake up each morning you have been blessed. When you turn on your faucet you have been blessed.  When you open your fridge and pull out food you have been blessed.  When you pick up your fork you are blessed.  When you walk to the table you are blessed.  When you load the dishwasher you are blessed.  When you have to do laundry you are blessed.  When you have to clean up after the kids you are blessed.  When you need gas in your car you are blessed.  When you have to wait until Friday to pay a bill you are blessed.  When you have to go to your families house for the holidays you are blessed.

We don't always think of these things as blessings but they sure are!  Not everyone is guaranteed to wake up the next morning.  Have you ever lived in a country with no running water?  What about having an empty fridge when your children are hungry?  What if you didn't have any arms or legs?  Not everyone has a dishwasher!  What if you had no family to wash clothes for?  What if you never heard the sound of children playing again? What if you had to walk or take public transportation everywhere? What if you didn't have a job at all?  And last but not least, what if you lived thousands of miles away from any family at all?

These are only some of the things we take for granted on a daily basis.  And by all means I am not saying if you have to deal with any of these that you are not blessed.  Everyone is blessed, your blessings just come in different ways! 

I remember a time when I would complain about picking up Joe's dirty laundry or when he would put a dirty dish in the sink right after I did all the dishes.  I also remember a time crying and wishing I had my husband around to do those things!  Think about some of the things you complain about and try and see if you can see the blessing in them.

When you have a bad day I challenge you to grab a pen and paper and count your blessings! I promise that if you are sincerely thinking you will have much to write down! Why don't you start right now? In the comments section below share a few of your blessings!  I will list a few of mine! :)

-I get to home school my 5 children
-I get to wake up early to pray with and see my husband off to work
-I get to spend the majority of my day in a nice kitchen providing food and clean dishes for my family
-I get to wash, dry, fold, and iron tons of clothes for my family and pray over them as I'm doing so

Your turn!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

ABC Blogging!

As you can see I haven't been keeping up much on this blog. Not for any certain, but I try to let God show me what is needed.  Life has been pretty busy and honestly I just haven't taken the time.  That is about to change!  A girlfriend is using the idea of ABC Blogging and she recommended it to me.  I will choose a different topic each week beginning with the letter of the alphabet for that week.  I will not have a theme so my posts may seem random but I promise there will always be much prayer and reflection upon what I choose to write. So that being said, I will start with A today, B tomorrow, and C on Friday to get us on a good schedule that will be easy for me to keep track of!

A is for Answered Prayer!

As I think back on the time of losing my husband I am always reminded of the many people who came to us to let us know they were praying for healing.  During a time of crisis even people you didn't know believed in God will turn to Him in prayer!  People would come to our house, call, or send notes letting us know they were praying for Joe. 

Not long after Joe passed away, I remember vividly a couple who came to me after the church service and they cried to me saying, "We really believed God would do a miracle and heal Joe!"  I remember just crying and trying to comfort them. Many people were praying for that miracle.

As I came out of the blur of it all and began to start life without Joe.  God spoke these words to my heart, " That miracle did take place!  He is healed!  The ability to go to Heaven when we die is a miracle in itself!"  Those prayers had been answered! 

God answers prayers in 3 ways, yes, no, or not now.  We may not always understand His answer at the time but that doesn't mean He didn't answer!  I could go on and on with many different answered prayers from my life but for now I will just list a few....

-Many in my family to be saved
-A home with a yard for my children
-No cavities (my husband Scott actually prayed this and I laughed, but guess what? I prayed and it worked! :)
-For the opportunity to begin new ministries

What about you? Do you have any prayers that have been answered?  My family and I each have our own individual prayer journals and we also have a family one that we add to each day/week.  When the prayer is answered we mark the date and how it was answered.  It is such a blessing to look back over those requests and see just how God met the need.  It really helps God to make Himself real to our family.  Maybe you can start yours today!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Purpose Behind My Passion

Many of you know my story of becoming a widow, but becoming a widow changed my life in more than one way!  I'm going to take you back for a bit!

Joe and I loved spending time together and we loved food! We enjoyed cooking together and we loved surprising each other with our favorite foods.  Joe's favorite was Taco Bell. I fondly remember when he would bring me my favorite lunch at work. I actually still have the napkins that he wrote love notes on. 

Needless to say we both gained weight through the years as do many young married couples.  I however also gained weight due to having 2 babies.  I was young, in love, content with life, and had a hubby who enjoyed food just as much as me.  What more could you ask for?

Well, that all changed when Joe was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer on January 1, 2002.  I couldn't eat if I tried!  Joe decided he didn't want to try Chemo or Radiation and they weren't sure that would work anyways so we went the all natural route.  That didn't seem to work and of course Joe wasn't used to eating completely clean.  He would have me sneak him to Taco Bell for his favorite foods.  Those memories can make it seem that we had so much time together after his diagnosis, but the truth is, we only had 1 month.  It seems like an eternity and blink of an eye all at the same time.

Joe passed away February 9th, 2002.  My life changed.  I became a widow.  I became the sole provider and caretaker of our two precious babies, Jolynn (2) and Joe (6 months).  We could never afford life insurance and the cobra insurance was very expensive.  I started really analyzing my life as a mother and decided I needed to be healthy for my children.  I also had to start considering how I was going to provide for them while still being able to spend quality time with them.  Our plan had always been for me to be able to stay home and raise them so I wanted to honor that.  I started looking for a job that would allow me that opportunity.

I started nursing school.  I figured I would be able to work fewer days with longer shifts and still be able to be home a good amount of time.  Sounded great.  While going to classes I began to get convicted.  How would I be a promoter of health while unhealthy myself?  Again back to my analyzing being healthy for my children.  I weighed 240 lbs and I know that wasn't healthy for me or my children. 

I began to work out and eat right and within 4 months I lost 100 lbs.  My workouts consisted of running and weightlifting routines.  I ate correct portions of healthy food and other foods in moderation.  I finally was healthy for myself and my children.  This is where my passion began!  I vowed I would never see that 240 lb woman again.  I went through a time of guilt. "Why didn't I do this when Joe was alive? Why couldn't we be healthy together, etc."  I didn't let that last long, I just started being thankful that finally I did it! That's what means most! No Regrets!

I eventually remarried and now have 3 more children.  With each pregnancy I gained 100lbs and again worked hard and lost it all.  I even got down smaller than when I was in High School!! Imagine that!  I truly developed a love for running!  I had surgery a couple of years ago and was unable to run for some time and it was depressing.  I craved running!  The depression in addition to severe anemia that my at that time hematologist could not figure out led to a stronger depression.  I gained weight, I was unmotivated, I was unhealthy.  I needed to get a grip!

Then  a miracle happened! I have always been one to want to bring awareness to those that need help.  So while searching out a way to do this I found a wonderful group! A group that let your running become a blessing to someone that can't run!  I found that motivation that had been missing for so long.  I lost sight of my passion.  I forgot all about the one thing that helped me get through the loss I suffered.  I found www.whoirunfor.com!!  This group is amazing! It has restored my passion.  It has restored my motivation and continues to grow my desire to help others and bring awareness to so many needs! 

I signed up to be matched as a runner.  I was blessed with a wonderful buddy named Collin!  Collin has been diagnosed with Lennox Gastaut Syndrome(type of Epilepsy that is very difficult to control) Autism, Moderate Mental Retardation, and Cortical Vision Impairment.  It is my goal to bring awareness to his needs and do all I can to be a blessing to him.  This journey has been a wonderful one so far!  I workout daily in honor of Collin and keep in contact with his mom to let him know! 

This group not only has helped me find my passion and motivation again, it has helped me be a good example for my children and has also opened my eyes to other ways my family and I can be a blessing others with health needs.  If you enjoy running or even if you are aspiring runner take some time to look up information on this group.  I promise you that you will not be disappointed and you wont be able to hold back from signing up for a buddy!  The waiting list is long but again I promise you the wait will be worth it! 

Many have shared with me that I have inspired them to begin running.  Now you know the purpose behind my passion! I believe running helped me deal with the grief of losing my husband, I believe it gave me a new start with my babies, and it has also given me new meaning to life (using my passion to help others!).  What is your passion?  What are you doing with it?


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

One Day At A Time!

 Today I had to say goodbye to a sweet friend and do my best to let her husband and children know that I understand their loss and will be there for them through it all.  It will not be easy but it will be ok.  I am proof. I hurt for her husband because I know the pain he is feeling.  The loss they will feel over and over again at different times especially when they least expect it. I know the numbness that he was feeling and I know that the pain will hit hard when it finally does. 
I also understand the hope, grace, comfort, and peace that comes with being surrounded by those that love you and the presence of the ever loving Father we have in Christ.  It cannot be fully appreciated until you have to go through an experience such as this.
I know my friends husband will be just fine.  He is a strong man and a great leader and father.  He looks to God for all things.  He will press forward.  I know their children will be just fine.  They have been guided by wonderful parents that have instilled Gods love and guidance in their hearts.  Gods word never returns void. 
The pain will always be there. The loss will always remain fresh.  But they will make it, one day at a time!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Birthdays In Heaven

Happy Birthday!!
Today would have been his 38th birthday.  We probably would have celebrated by eating out at a yummy restaurant.  That's what we did best! :)  Its what we loved to do!
Its hard to believe that so much time has passed. 11 years have gone by since we celebrated a birthday together.  They were always fun.  We would get a small cake and have our cute little gifts we gave each other. We were so young it seems.  I have a memory of the best birthday he gave me.  I came home from work and Joe had made me a "candlelight"(flashlight ;) ) dinner of guacamole hamburgers on paper plates and had a small cake made with my name on it!  :) Sound silly?  It was so fun!  We did silly things like that! 
I wonder today how we would celebrate.  How things would have changed throughout the years.  I sometimes wonder if I would be as serious as I am now or if I would still be that fun young girl I was when I was with him.  Time has a way of changing us. 
It seems no matter how much time has passed these special days just seem to stand out whether I'm paying attention to the calendar or not.  Yes, you've heard it before, You don't ever get over losing a loved one, you just simply move on.  A part of them and the person they made you will always be there!  The love you shared doesn't die when your loved one dies.  I think it grows stronger!  As a girlfriend I spoke to last night said, "We remember those sweet memories that made us love each other and that, strengthens the love".
I am not sure if there are birthdays in Heaven since we are not to age when we get there  but regardless I know he's having a wonderful time!  Enjoying that heavenly manna, running pain free, singing with the heavenly choir, and rejoicing in glory!  Oh how sweet it must be!